More than half of children between the ages of 6 and 8 have had at least one cavity in their mouth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s essential to begin teeth-brushing habits early. Tooth decay can lead to problems later in life, such as gum disease and missing teeth.

Form good dental care habits by beginning early, leading by example, and being consistent. Your children’s dentist in Lexington will thank you for it! 

Here’s more on how to help your child form good toothbrushing habits.

Begin Early

The first teeth in your child’s mouth will appear at around six months. 

Start toothbrushing early as soon as your child gets their first baby teeth. Plaque buildup will begin once baby teeth appear, so it’s important to start brushing. 

Also, begin seeing a Lexington children’s dentist and start dental care as soon as baby teeth arrive.

Lead by Example

Make toothbrushing and dental care a daily routine with your children. 

For example, brush together as a family! Gather around the sink and get everyone to work on their tooth health. 

Leading by example ensures your good dental care habits will rub off on your children. Kids will want to imitate the adults (and even siblings) and take part in teeth brushing several times each day.

Be Consistent

Set a time for daily brushing and dental care and stick to it. Regardless of the time you choose, ensure it happens, regardless of the situation.

Spend the same amount of time with tooth health daily. Don’t skip – even if you’re out of town or on vacation.

Dentistry for children and consistency doesn’t mean it has to occur at an exact time. You can make a consistent routine for tooth health, such as when you wake up, after lunch, or after dinner. It’s all up to you. 

Make it Fun

Dentistry for children is best when you play games! Kids love games, which make learning fun and engaging. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends brushing twice a day for two minutes. Make those two minutes count!


A two-minute timer is boring. 

Do your kids have a favorite song that they like to dance to? 

Set a timer for two minutes and let them dance while brushing. It will make the time go much faster. Your kids won’t even realize they are brushing! 

And here’s a good hint – they might even ask to dance longer when the song ends.


There are plenty of videos online that only last two minutes. Cartoons and many other visuals can hold a child’s interest.

When the two minutes are up, then they are done.

Sing a Song

It might not sound treat or even on key, but singing a song for two minutes will keep your kids occupied.

They will likely spend more time thinking about the song’s words than brushing their teeth.

Reward Good Behavior 

Eventually, you will want to trust your children enough to brush their teeth independently. 


Each time your child brushes their teeth, give them a sticker! It might seem like a simple reward, but children who receive ‘something’ when they complete a task will come back looking for a sticker again. 

If you have trouble finding stickers with a tooth, ask your Lexington pediatric dentist for help. 


Create a calendar specifically for toothbrushing. Mark the calendar each time they brush their teeth (or have them make the checkmark). 

You can find calendars online or print your own. 

Hang the calendar in a spot for kids to see in either their bedroom or on the refrigerator. Lexington pediatric dentistry might even have calendars for your home. 


Make dentistry for children a competition!

If you have multiple children in the house, see who can go the longest brushing consistently.

Ask Other Parents

Parents often seek each other out for advice. When a parent sees another parent struggling, they want to help.

Talk with other parents about their toothbrushing strategies the next time you’re at the playground, preschool, or athletic event,

You might feel shy about asking. However, you will find that many others have struggled with the same thing. 

You might even leave the situation with more ideas than necessary. 

Talk to Your Dentist

A Lexington pediatric dentist can help you with the latest tips and tricks to getting your child to form good brushing habits.

After your child visits a Lexington pediatric dentist, talk with them about developing a tooth brushing plan. Be sure to let your dentist know if your child has issues with anxiety. 

A Lexington Children’s dentist is up on the latest information regarding pediatric patients. Lexington pediatric dentistry receives updated information on tips, advice, and guidance about dentistry for children. Sometimes, they can be your best resource!

Avoid Giving Up

You might become frustrated as a parent with getting your child to brush their teeth. 

Keep at it.

Be persistent in talking with your child about the importance of dental health. Don’t give up.

Your efforts as a parent will mean better dental health for your children over the long term. Fewer dental problems over a lifetime mean fewer cavities, missing teeth, and root canals.

Dental bills can add up, and even if you have insurance, it doesn’t care for every need. 

Visiting a Children’s Dentist in Lexington  

How to help your child form good toothbrushing habits includes beginning early, leading by example, and being consistent. Moreover, make it fun, reward good behavior, and ask other parents. Also, ask your dentist about the best strategies and avoid giving up. 

Let us help you begin your dental journey with the best children’s dentist in Lexington. Pediatric dentistry is our specialty. We have three convenient locations to serve you! 

The dentist can often be a scary and intimidating place for kids. However, our skilled experts will have your child leaving with a big smile!