There are now over 64,800 professionals employed in the US pediatric dentistry industry. If you’re new to Lexington, KY, it helps to know what to look for before selecting a pediatric dentist. Otherwise, you might choose a professional who is new to the industry.

Don’t let their lack of experience affect your child’s oral health. Instead, avoid these mistakes during your search.

With these tips, you can find a Lexington children’s dentist who can help your child improve their oral health. Read on to learn more. 

1. Not Talking to Other Parents

To build a list of options for dentists, talk to other parents who live in Lexington, KY. Ask about the children’s dentist in Lexington they chose for their own children. Learn as much as you can from firsthand accounts.

They likely have information about Lexington dentists you won’t find online.

First, determine how each parent chose their child’s pediatric dentist. Determine what qualities they prioritized, such as:

  • Reputation
  • Experience (time in the industry)
  • Expertise
  • Services
  • Bedside manner

If you’re planning your child’s first dental appointment, ask other parents about the experience. Your child should attend their first dental appointment by their first birthday. Otherwise, take them in when their first tooth erupts.

Learning about a child’s first appointment can help you learn what to expect. It can also help you determine the best way to ease your child’s dental anxiety. Ask how the pediatric dentist helped keep the child calm during their first appointment.

Ask each parent if they had any issues at the dentist’s office, too. If they encountered problems, ask how the staff tried to find a solution. Look for a dental team that prioritizes their patients.  

2. Never Checking Credentials

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a Lexington pediatric dentist is failing to review credentials. 

All dentists need to earn one of two degrees: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). Both are equivalent. Students must complete a minimum of four years at dental school to receive their diploma.

Determine where each pediatric dentist on your list completed their education and training. Pediatric dentist education includes a two-year residency program. Residency programs allow dentists to gain clinical experience.

They’ll also gain specialized skills to help them treat younger patients.

Determine if the dentist has knowledge specific to child development, child-related pharmacology, or child psychology. Their training might make them better equipped to treat your child. These dentists might have an easier time easing your child’s anxiety, too.

A general dentist with little experience treating children, however, might make your child more uncomfortable.

Visit each dentist’s website or listing to check their credentials. Make sure they’ve continued their education after graduating. These dentists remain informed about new technologies, treatments, and techniques to offer a higher standard of care. 

Ask for proof each dentist on your list is certified before scheduling your child’s first dental appointment.

3. Not Prioritizing Experience

When choosing dentistry for children, prioritize finding an experienced pediatric dentist. Their hands-on experience will make them better equipped to treat your child. They can leverage their past experience treating children to offer your child a higher standard of care.

Determine how long each dentist has worked in the dentistry industry and how long they’ve specialized in pediatric dentistry.

Consider how long they’ve owned their own pediatric dentistry practice in Lexington, too. A new business will still need to work out operational issues. An established team, on the other hand, will have a process in place.

You’re less likely to experience issues with the staff, scheduling, or billing at an established practice. 

4. Ignoring Reviews

Read reviews for each Lexington pediatric dentistry practice on your list. Reading online reviews can help you find a pediatric dentist with a strong reputation. It could help you determine which dentists to avoid, too.

Look for complaints that repeat between patient reviews. For example, maybe the dentist wasn’t professional. Maybe the office wasn’t clean, or the staff was unfriendly. 

Find a pediatric dental practice that already has a glowing reputation among Lexington patients. 

5. Failing to Visit the Office

Don’t schedule an appointment for your child without visiting the practice on your own. Schedule a consultation appointment with the pediatric dentist to learn more about their credentials. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask ahead of time to fill in gaps in your research.

During the appointment, look around. Is the office kid-friendly and clean? Consider how your child would feel in such an environment.

6. Never Discussing Prevention

During the consultation appointment, ask each dentist about the prevention techniques they recommend. Preventive dentistry can help your child avoid plaque, tartar, and tooth decay. Prioritizing preventive dentistry can benefit your child’s oral health and your wallet.

You can focus on improving your child’s oral health before problems develop.

The dentist might recommend dental sealants to protect your child’s enamel or fluoride treatments between appointments. 

7. Not Comparing Prices

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest pediatric dentist in Lexington. Instead, consider comparing dental treatment costs to determine the average cost of services in Lexington.

Get an itemized list of all services each dentist offers. Consider what services they offer beyond cleanings. For example, your child might benefit from orthodontic care in a few years.

Finding a practice that offers a range of services will ensure your child will receive the care they need when they need it. You won’t have to visit multiple dentists for different treatments. 

Review your notes to make an informed decision when choosing a pediatric dentist. 

Simplify Selecting a Pediatric Dentist in Lexington 

Selecting a pediatric dentist in Lexington shouldn’t feel as stressful as the appointments. Instead, avoid these mistakes during your search. Using these tips will help you find a Lexington children’s dentist who can ease your child’s anxiety.

With their experience and expertise, you can set your child up for success with a great dentist.

Want to schedule an appointment with your children’s dentist in Lexington? We can’t wait to see you and your child.

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