Has your child gotten their first tooth, but you’re not sure if it’s necessary whether to take them to the dentist? Maybe they’re experiencing pain or bleeding gums. Regardless of the reasons, by going to the dentist regularly and emphasizing the need for good oral hygiene, you can save your child from lots of pain and discomfort in the future. With this in mind, read on to learn the top seven signs that your child is in need of a pediatric dentist visit soon!

1. Your Child Hasn’t Been to the Dentist

One of the top indications that it’s the to find a children’s dentist in Richmond is if your child hasn’t been to the dentist before. This is because according to the American Dental Association (ADA), dentistry for children shouldn’t be delayed.

Parents should take their children after their first tooth has appeared, but also no later than their first birthday. This is because the earlier a child goes, the easier it is for dentists to talk with parents about preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Going to the dentist early also makes it easier for children as they grow older–the routine of it won’t make dentist appointments as scary.

2. Tooth Pain

Another strong indicator that it’s time to find a Lexington children’s dentist is if your child is experiencing tooth pain. Before you head to the dentist, try to ask them what the pain is like: is it more painful while they eat? Do they feel a dull, throbbing pain throughout the day?

Intense pain can be an indicator that they suffered an impact on their teeth, or it could be a sign of tooth decay. A dull ache that’s growing worse could be a sign that they’re developing cavities.

The dentist will help diagnose what’s going on with their teeth, mitigate the pain, and also give you and your child tips on how to avoid the pain in the future.

3. Bad Breath

Although it may not seem like it, bad breath is another indicator that your child needs a Lexington pediatric dentist. Bad breath isn’t normal. It occurs when food particles continue to collect in your mouth, leading to tooth decay if oral hygiene habits aren’t improved.

Bad breath can also be an indicator that your child is suffering from an infection in their mouth. The sooner you make an appointment with your dentist, the sooner they can figure out the root of the problem and resolve it before it becomes worse.

5. Loose Teeth

It’s perfectly normal for your child’s teeth to become loose, wiggly, and eventually fall out. This is because they’re making room for their adult teeth that are coming in.

However, if your child is around the age of 12 and their adult teeth are becoming loose, this is an issue. Here are some of the causes of loose adult teeth:

  • Gum disease
  • Teeth grinding
  • Injury

Injuries can occur even if your child wears a mouthguard while they play sports. If the tooth is severely loose, the dentist may even recommend removing the tooth and replacing it with an implant or bridge.

6. Bleeding Gums

Remember that just like bad breath and loose teeth, bleeding gums are also not normal. If your child’s gums are bleeding after they brush or floss, this is an indication that they could have an infection in their mouth.

Children can get gingivitis as well. If it’s not taken care of with the right brushing and flossing techniques, it could grow worse. This leads to loose teeth that may fall out in the future.

Make sure you make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible if your child’s gums are bleeding regularly.

7. Sensitive Teeth

Last but not least, sensitive teeth are also not normal for children. Pay attention to whether your child complains or feels discomfort if they eat or drink hot or cold foods.

Although adults can experience tooth sensitivity off and on that may go away with the right brushing habits, kids should see a dentist if they experience any kind of sensitivity. This is because it could be an early sign of cavities.

The sooner cavities are taken care of, the better. Left untreated, cavities will grow even more uncomfortable and painful for children. They can also continue to grow in size and even create multiple cavities.

Teeth can become brittle and prone to breaking with cavities. Even worse, cavities can deepen and lead to nerve pain.

Find a Quality Pediatric Dentist Today

A Georgetown pediatric dentistry that’s experienced and used to working with children will help your child feel comfortable and secure. Even better, they’ll be able to teach both you and your child healthy organ hygiene habits that will keep their teeth and gums healthy for the long term.

This is why it’s so important to find a dentist by the time your child grows their first teeth, or before their first birthday. Dentists will be able to spot early signs of tooth decay, teach your child how to brush properly, and give you plenty of tips as well.

You’ll also want to make an appointment at the dentist as soon as your child is experiencing any kind of discomfort. This is because toothaches, loose teeth, and more could be indications of more serious issues that need to be taken care of.

Ready to start your child on the path to stellar oral health? Schedule an appointment with us today!