The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children start seeing a dentist at about one year of age. This first visit will help to establish a relationship between your child and the dentist that you select from him or her and is an important one. It’s likely that your child will see the same pediatric dentist throughout his or her childhood and onward up into high school.

Going to the dentist can be scary for your child at first, so you’ll want to choose the best dentist out there to set his or her mind at ease right from the get-go. You’ll want to choose a dentist that specializes in dentistry for children, and one who has lots of experience with young patients.

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Richmond or anywhere else, read on. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the very best.

Qualities to Seek in a Pediatric Dentist

When you look for a children’s dentist in Richmond or anywhere on earth, there are certain qualities that you should look for. Some of the things you would want from a pediatric dentist are the same as those you would want from an adult dentist, but some are different. A children’s dentist has to love children in order to succeed with them; children are excellent at reading people.

1. Patience

A children’s dentist must be patient. He or she must take his or her time with each child in order to every child feel relaxed and comfortable. A pediatric dentist also must be aware that some children may not be quite ready to open their mouths as soon as they sit in the dentist’s chair. A successful children’s dentist must be willing to wait without losing his or her temper.

2. Friendly

Perhaps the most important quality of a pediatric dentist is friendliness. Many children will immediately shy away from any adult who is even a little stand-offish. A good children’s dentist must make the child’s dental experience fun, welcoming, and enjoyable. He or she needs to be willing and able to explain procedures and dental advice in a way that even small children can understand.

3. Caring

Of course, a pediatric dentist must also be caring. Small mouths can be a challenge for any dentist; your child’s dentist must be prepared to take things slow, must make careful, gentle moves, and must do everything possible to keep pain at a minimum. Your child’s first impression of a dental visit will stay with him or her for a lifetime. The dentist you choose must make the experience as positive as he or she can.

4. Educated

Children’s dentistry differs from adult dentistry in many ways. Your pediatric dentist will have much knowledge about children as a result of his or her special training. He or she should be willing and able to answer any questions you or your child may have about dental development and care.

How to Find a Children’s Dentist in Richmond or Anywhere

Whether you are new to a new area or if you are seeking a dentist for your first child, you may feel that the process of finding a pediatric dentist is a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Finding a dentist can be easy if you know where and how o look.

Ask for Referrals

First, talk to other parents you know. If they have children over a year of age, chances are that they have already established a relationship with a children’s dentist for their own children. See if they like the dentist they see and if they do, give him or her a call.

Read Reviews

You can also check online reviews to find out more about the pediatric dentists in your area. Today, there are online reviews for every service there is, and you’ll find that there are quite a few for childrens’ services like childcare, doctors, and dentists. Everyone wants the best for their children, so people are very likely to write reviews when it comes to their son or daughter’s experiences – both good and bad.

Go on a Reconnaissance Mission

Once you’ve found a few children’s dentists who interest you, take the time to visit their office and speak to them without your child in tow. Your child will quickly lose interest if you take him or her to see several different dentists, so you should narrow the field on your own.

When you visit a dentist’s office, get a feel for the place; will the space be welcoming for your child? When you meet the dentist, does he or she seem knowledgeable and friendly? Do you think your child will feel comfortable with him or her?

Give It a Try

Once you’ve selected a dentist you like, then bring your son or daughter along for an initial appointment. However, if it doesn’t go well, don’t be afraid to try someone else until you find the perfect match. Remember, your child will likely visit his or her pediatric dentist for years to come. Make sure that your son or daughter is happy with your choice.

Finding a Children’s Dentist Is Easy

As you can see, finding a children’s dentist doesn’t have to be a challenge. You simply need to know what to look for and then take your time making your selection. Most pediatric dentists chose dentistry for children as their specialty because they love children and they want to help them to take care of their teeth. As a result, you will probably find a number of great dentists who will welcome you and your children with open arms into their practice. Good luck!

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Richmond, we’d love to meet you. Please contact us today!