Your child should attend their first dentist’s appointment by the time their first birthday rolls around. Unfortunately, some children develop a fear of the dentist before they even make it to their first appointment. Visiting the best children’s dentist doesn’t have to feel scary, though!

Instead, you can use these tips to prepare your child for their first Lexington pediatric dentist visit.

With these tips, you can ensure your child receives the dental care they need. At the same time, you can put them at ease.

In fact, your child might even grow excited to visit their Lexington dentist.

Help your child get ready to show off their stunning smile. Prepare them for their first dentist appointment with these tips today.

1. Tell Them What’s Coming

Before your child’s first visit to their Lexington pediatric dentist, it helps to know what to expect. Managing your expectations as the parent can help you properly prepare your child.

First, your Lexington children’s dentist will need to examine your child’s teeth. A visual exam will ensure your child’s gums, jaw, and teeth are growing properly. The exam also gives your dentist the chance to identify developmental issues.

If they spot any potential problems, you can work with them to improve your child’s dental care.

The visual exam gives the dentist a chance to look for signs of injuries or developing dental caries, too. 

It’s important to schedule appointments with your local pediatric dentist twice a year. Regular exams ensure your dentist can catch problems before they grow worse. The best pediatric dentist can help minimize the risk of potential oral health issues down the road.

You can use your child’s first dentist appointment to make a care plan moving forward. Make a list of questions you want to ask beforehand. For example, you might want to ask questions about:

  • Relieving discomfort as your child’s teeth grow in
  • Dietary choices that could cause cavities in the future
  • The best techniques for brushing and flossing
  • Which toothpaste and toothbrush is best for your child
  • How to stop prolonged pacifier use or thumb-sucking

If your child already has a fear of the dentist, let the dentist know beforehand. It’s important to find an experienced pediatric dentist. They’ll use their experience with children to find ways to ease your child’s fears.

2. Make It Exciting

Don’t worry; a fear of the dentist is normal. In fact, over 40% of children develop dental fear. Helping your child prepare before their appointment can ease their anxieties.

Get excited about dentistry for children! Let your child see how excited you are about their first dentist appointment. If your child tends to mimic you, they might copy your excitement.

They might feel more at ease about visiting a children’s dentist in Lexington as a result.

If you’re nervous about their first appointment, however, they could pick up on your anxiety instead.

Avoid phrases that indicate there’s something for them to fear. For example, try to avoid “don’t feel scared” or “it won’t hurt at all.” They might start imagining worst-case scenarios.

Instead, focus on the positives. Help your child see how visiting the dentist is a good thing.

For example, you can show them your stunning smile and pearly whites. Tell them that dental care is the reason you have a stunning smile. Then, remind them that visiting their dentist can benefit their smile, too. 

3. Schedule a Tour

Google “Lexington pediatric dentistry near me” or “best children’s dentist near me” and schedule a tour of the offices. Scheduling a tour before the day of your child’s first appointment will show them there’s nothing to fear.

It also gives you the chance to find the best children’s dentist with your child’s comfort in mind.

Find a Lexington pediatric dentist with a waiting room designed for kids. Your children can have fun before their appointment playing with toys or watching TV. If they’re comfortable with the office and staff, they might feel more comfortable in an exam room.

4. Consider the Timing

Before your child’s first Lexington pediatric dentist appointment, consider your timing.

For example, when is your child in their best mood? You might want to schedule their appointment around their usual schedule. If they’re happiest after a nap, schedule their appointment after nap time.

If they’re grumpy without their nap and visit the dentist before naptime, they might feel less cooperative during the appointment.

Instead, consider your timing ahead of time.

5. “Play” Dentist

You can also help your child feel more comfortable by playing dentist at home. Show them there’s nothing to fear about dental care! Instead, you can have them pretend they’re your dentist.

Your child will feel more in control of the situation, which could put them at ease.

While you play, talk to your child about why their dental care is important.

Try brushing your teeth as a family more often, too. Your child will recognize that oral care is an important part of their routine. They’ll want to tell your dentist all about their hard work keeping their teeth clean.

6. Prioritize Comfort

Find ways to prioritize your child’s comfort before their first appointment. For example, you might want to bring their security blanket or favorite toy to the dentist’s office. They might feel more at ease having something familiar nearby.

7. Reward Them Afterward

You can also get your child excited about their first dentist appointment by promising a reward for their good behavior. Try to avoid using food as a reward. Instead, offer a trip to their favorite store or the playground.

Remind them that they’ll get a new toothbrush after their appointment, too. 

Your child will keep their mind on the reward rather than their fear of the dentist.

Toothy Grins: 7 Tips to Prepare Your Child to Visit Their Lexington Pediatric Dentist

Taking your child to see their Lexington pediatric dentist doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, keep these tips in mind. With these tips, you can put your child at ease before their appointment.

You can ease their fear of the dentist before they even reach the exam chair.

Ready for your child’s first appointment? We can’t wait to see them!

Schedule their appointment now to get started.