45% of children need braces to fix functional problems in their growing mouths. This number only includes things such as overbites and underbites, it does not take into account those children who need braces to help with the straightening aspect. Orthodontics is a practice that is even more beneficial than you might have thought.

The benefits of braces are about more than just making your child’s teeth look straight. Finding a children’s dentist in Lexington means making your child’s mouth a priority. Lexington pediatric dentistry options support your child through those difficult changes taking place in their mouth.

Take a look below at why finding a Lexington pediatric dentist is in your child’s best interests.

1. Speech Improvement

One area that many parents don’t know about when it comes to their children and the benefits of braces is that braces aid in speech improvement. Your child may be having a difficult time with pronunciation because their teeth are too crowded or an overbite is causing a lisp. These speech problems could be due to the way your child’s teeth are in their mouth.

To easily correct the problems that may have been causing your child to spend long hours in speech therapy, looking into braces is always an option. Your dentist will be able to give you a further indication of overcrowding or jaw placement is affecting the way your child speaks.

Speech problems due to unresolved mouth problems are not as big of a stretch as you may have thought.

2. Preventing Tooth Decay

Plaque and tartar build up over time and can erode your teeth. This is one of the quickest forms of tooth decay that can occur at any age. When your child has braces, they learn the correct techniques on how to brush their teeth so that these mouth problems do not occur.

Your child will learn that they have to carefully take care of their teeth with the ways that the dentists teach them to carefully clean around their braces in order to not break any of the wiring. Braces are also a great nod to teaching your children responsibility as well.

3. Help With Easier Digestion

Your teeth break down food so that it can be digested easily. When your teeth are uneven, that breakdown is also uneven. Larger pieces of food may easily get stuck in a person’s throat or may take longer for the body to break down.

One of the benefits of having braces is to monitor a child’s teeth and make sure that they are developing and functioning adequately. If there is a problem, your child’s dentist will be able to stop it early and find an alternative for fixing the problem with their bite.

4. A Bone Decay Buster

Did you know that the misalignment of teeth can lead to deterioration of the jaw bone? If teeth are not treated adequately, the misalignment leads to erosion. This is an area that your child’s dentist will be able to go over with you and what precautions need to be taken if there is any sign of wear and tear.

Braces for children work to align the teeth so that these problems are prevented before they can get worse.

5. Resolve Extenuating Health Conditions

Overbites and underbites can have serious complications as your children age. With braces, these conditions can be corrected. Braces can help a number of mouth conditions that may be affecting your child’s overall health.

Contact your child’s dentist and see if they feel that braces are the right move to assist with different types of breathing and digestion problems. The resolution may be as simple as having braces for a year or more.

6. Aid in Learning Responsibility

Braces are a big responsibility at any age. When it comes to dentistry for children, having braces teaches them to carefully maintain and care for their teeth. They learn the importance of remembering to brush, floss, and even wear elastics.

When it comes to children and braces, braces are a learning tool that can be used to make them learn responsibility and self-care. Allow your children to learn responsibility and what it is like to care for their teeth in order to acquire the bright smile they want.

7. Improve Your Child’s Confidence

One of the longest-lasting reasons why braces are important for your child is to give your children a boost in their confidence. Help them create a smile that they’re ready to show off and be proud of. Your child’s smile can be a source of anxiety and can, over time, lead to poor self-confidence.

Teeth play a big part in wanting to smile and ultimately, a big part in your day-to-day life. A Lexington children’s dentist will help you with a braces guide of which type is best for your child’s situation.

Boosting your child’s confidence in their smile is an asset that will last them years, providing that they pay careful attention to the rules that the dentist provides for them.

Your Children’s Dentist in Lexington Is Important

Finding the right children’s dentist in Lexington makes all the difference when it comes to braces for children and dental care. Make sure your children’s bright smiles are secured for the rest of their lives and that they’re following the best example set for their teeth. Teach them early that dental care is important to their health.

If your child is approving the age where considering braces is the next step, it’s time to find an orthodontist you can trust. Let’s set up a consultation and appointment as soon as possible.